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Introducing the GCC

The Ginger Cucumber Cooler is sure to be your new summer crush. Enjoy it 2 ways: save the recipe below and watch how to make it and/or come to Simon and Seaforts and order while enjoying the scenic views.

GCC Recipe

1.5 OZ Ginger Beer
6 Slices of Cucumber
1.5 OZ Tito's Vodka or your favorite
1 OZ Fresh Lime Sour
0.5 OZ Club Soda

1. Muddle the first 3 cucumbers in a pint glass and fill with ice followed by the lime sour, Vodka and shake well.
2. Add 2 cucumber wheels to the shaken cocktail and pour into a mojito glass, top with ice.
3. Top with the ginger beer and soda. Garnish with the remaining cucumber.


We are sharing Chef Nathan Bentley's favorite childhood recipe.

Marion's Casserole
in loving memory of Brenda Bentley

My mother Brenda Bentley was such a powerful influence on my life and she helped drive my passion for cooking. Growing up, my mother and father were often found in the kitchen cooking for the family. My father was a chef in his earlier career and my mother had a natural love, passion and skill for the art of cooking. Friends and family enjoyed many of her dishes and they've become specialties for holidays, celebrations and other family events. Her rich German background was filled with comfort food and recipes passed down from generations. To be honest, I still cannot pronounce some of her most famous dishes! My mother always motivated me and invested in my passion for cooking. She supported me through my culinary education and travels. She encouraged me during the start of my career and always loved when I would share my new dishes with her. My mother was truly my number one fan.

Sadly, my mother passed away last October and although I feel a huge void in my heart, I know that she is always with me and cheering me on. My brother and I have a favorite recipe of hers that I want to share with all of you in her honor. It is a very simple casserole that became famous for birthday celebrations and family homecomings. This recipe is known as "Marion's Casserole" and although I don't know where the name actually came from, it's become a familiar part of our family and I hope you will find it to be a special addition to yours.

I just want to take one last moment to say -
I love you Mom and happy Mother's Day.

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